Seagrave has the best warranty in the industry
<h3>Seagrave Wildland Urban Interface 1000 GPM Pumper with Custom Stainless Steel Body (Freightliner 108SD Commercial Chassis)</h3> Unified Fire Authority, Salt Lake County, Utah <h3>Marauder II Stainless Steel 141” Full Tilt Cab, 10” Raised Roof 1500 GPM Matrix Pumper</h3> 78G86 Berwyn Fire Company, Berwyn, Pennsylvania <h3>Marauder II Stainless Steel 141” Full Tilt Cab 100’ 500 # Tractor-Drawn Aerial</h3>76415 Louisville Division of Fire, Louisville, Kentucky <h3>Marauder II Stainless Steel 131” Full Tilt Cab 1500 GPM Matrix Pumper</h3> 78H05 Streamwood Fire Department, Streamwood, Illinois <h3>Marauder II Stainless Steel 141” Full Tilt Cab 75’ Aerialscope II</h3> 56188 Third District Fire Company, Bristol, Pennsylvania <h3>Marauder II Stainless Steel 131” Full Tilt Cab 2000 GPM Matrix Pumper</h3>Hayward Fire Department, Hayward, California <h3>Attacker HD Stainless Steel 148” Split Tilt Cab, 8” Raised Roof, 1000 GPM Matrix Pumper</h3> Fire Department of New York

Building apparatus for the most demanding Fire Departments for over 130 Years

Your decision to purchase Seagrave apparatus is a testament to the importance you place on the quality, safety, serviceability and longevity found only in a Seagrave apparatus. The performance of a Seagrave under severe duty conditions is unmatched for low maintenance and high in-service time, providing the best lifetime value in fire apparatus. Learn more about FWD Seagrave

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