Seagrave Aerial Ladders

Every aerial ladder is built and tested to stringent specifications right in the Seagrave plant. Each aerial built must pass a rigorous, comprehensive, third-party inspection before being released … testing and verification ensures your safety and Seagrave’s high quality standards.

  • All steel design maintains high strength at high temperatures — no accumulation of metal fatigue over extended heat exposure
  • Totally greaseless ladder design offers ease in cleaning and maintenance after the toughest jobs
  • Rubber rung covers are safety-grip design
  • Telescoping waterway with duranodic protection against scuffing and corrosion
  • Nitroxil seals operate in -40°F to +250°F
  • K-bracing provides optimum rigidity — even against shear winds
  • 20-year structural Seagrave limited warranty
  • I-Beam Ladders a Seagrave Exclusive
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Painted exterior and sealed coated interior for optimum corrosion protection
  • Superior lateral rigidity for safe climbing

The Seagrave ladder is known for being one tough, dependable, and highly maneuverable unit. It has excellent reach and extension above and below grade. It is a first class performer that simply has no match.

Meanstick 75'

Meanstick 75'

High-performance rear-mount quint 75' aerial ladder available with Marauder II or Attacker HD custom Seagrave Chassis

  • 500 lb. tip load
  • Wheelbase length and turning radius are comparable to a pumper
  • Stainless steel or aluminum body

Force 75' and 100'

Force 75' and 100'

High-performance rear-mount quint and non-quint aerial ladders available with Marauder II or Attacker HD custom Seagrave Chassis

  • 500 lb. and 750 lb. tip loads
  • Stainless steel or aluminum body

Tractor-Drawn Aerial

Tractor-Drawn Aerial

Available with your choice of wheelbases. When congested, narrow city streets and tight corners are between your station and your destination, choose a Seagrave tractor-drawn aerial. Your firefighters can maneuver this apparatus anywhere they can put the tractor.

Seagrave's Tractor-Drawn Aerial are available with Marauder II or Attacker HD custom Seagrave Chassis

Ladder Configurations:

  • 100 ft. 500 lb. tip load ladder
  • 100 ft. 250 lb. tip load ladder
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